iNeuron®: Neuroscience for high school classrooms

Summary: iNeuron® sets a new standard for engaging high school students in STEM education.  Developed with the support of two grants from the National Institutes of Health, iNeuron facilitates small group collaboration as players solve neurological circuit building problems and a host of other challenges. Students become immersed in the app, and a classroom-based study showed it to be more effective than state of the art neuroscience education practices.

Challenge: The NIH project included instructional designers and neuroscience experts from the University of Minnesota. They were able to create the lessons and challenges simply using PowerPoint. FORGE pulled out the information needed to create the lessons and content and combine it with a sophisticated neurological simulator to produce the app.

Results: iNeuron has been downloaded over 100,000 times since its release in 2016 and is being actively used in both high school and middle school classrooms. A year-long study documenting the educational benefits of iNeuron will be published in a peer-reviewed journal in early 2018.


CellEnergy: Learning the scientific method with photosynthesis labs

Summary: Andamio Games is developing and field testing an approach to teaching photosynthesis, a particular challenge cited by many middle and high school life science teachers, that helps reinforce critical Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) practices.

Challenge: Providing a virtual lab environment that rewards real experimentation: students test different hypotheses, grasp the tricky concepts of dependent and independent variables, and can see what happens when an experimental design fails to produce usable data – a luxury not available in time constrained classrooms. The virtual lab capability is being integrated into FORGE, providing another form of interaction in the FORGE toolkit that users can incorporate into their interactive apps.

Results: This project has been supported by Phase I & II grants from the National Science Foundation. Classroom study to take place Fall of 2018, along with November launch of the app. Final release (to include General Bio, AP and IB versions) to be published early in 2019.


NeuroCircuits: Nervous system review for medical students

Summary: The client is an international provider of post-secondary and graduate level education that frequently leverages mobile devices in its classrooms. To ensure they use state of the art teaching practices, the client has been investigating the use of interactive apps as a way to deliver coursework. Andamio Games instructional designers used FORGE to adapt the iNeuron app for use in a medical school environment.

Challenge: Rearranging lessons and challenges, enhancing the content with college level illustrations, and adapting the terminology and concepts to college level students. FORGE enabled these modifications to be made cost-effectively and even supported a last-minute editorial shift that required a new set of images.

Results: AppClinic NeuroCircuits was launched in January 2018 as part of a suite of medical school apps, now available on the App Store.

It's About Time

Corporate Time Card Training

Summary: The client is involved in federal contracts that have specific policies and regulations regarding how employees track and record their time. The client provides annual mandatory training to all of its employees regarding these policies.  

Challenge: Keep the training engaging and meaningful to seasoned employees, and reinforce the policies and procedures to newer employees. The client’s human resources lead worked with Andamio Games’ instructional designers to establish meaningful lessons with appropriately leveled challenges.

Results: Training was completed in ½ the time, and unlike previous PowerPoint-based presentations, employees were actively engaged, asking questions, and interacting with colleagues around the challenges. The client plans to update the app for next year and utilize the Dashboard to capitalize on the teachable moments initiated by the audience during the session.

Goodnight Server Room

Goodnight Server Room: Author-created children’s book app

Summary: Children’s book author T.D. Smith published “Goodnight Server Room” with the help of a Kickstarter campaign, which included an iOS App as a milestone incentive. The author is designing a companion mobile app, repurposing existing artwork and story content.  

Challenge: Creating a mobile app within the budget of an independent author, while making the most of already produced graphics and text.

Results: Available for iPads on the App Store. You can also play it online here.


Circuitect™: Making light work of learning about electricity

Summary: With input from subject matter experts at The Bakken Museum, this “for fun” project by Andamio Games staff will guide the user through electrical circuit building challenges of increasing difficulty, teaching the basics of current and voltage with an intuitive learn-by-doing approach.

Challenge: A simulator that faithfully replicates the behavior of electrical circuits was integrated to give players a hands-on experience of building series and parallel circuits. FORGE made it possible to adapt the iNeuron circuit building simulator for the task and to integrate brief instruction to support step-wise learning of key concepts.

Results: This app will be released in the first half of 2018.