Kyle Nelson


After 14 years as a researcher at Honeywell, I helped start Adventium Labs in 2002, a company that solves hard technical problems, and have led the business development efforts that grew the firm from 2 employees to over 30 today. When we saw the learning gains and classroom buzz generated by our iNeuron project, I started Andamio Games so that wherever hard subjects needed to be taught our technology would be available. With a background in mathematics and computer science, and as the father of three girls in the Minneapolis School District, I am dedicated to improving STEM education for all. Over the years, I have volunteered as a First Lego League coach, and a First Robotics Competition mentor.


Adam Gordon


I am leading the effort to put science-based learning games that work in the hands of educators and students. My background is in teaching, marketing, product development, educational technology, and ballroom dance. I spent 12 years at Live Ink, a software company devoted to improving reading comprehension, where I supported research, trained teachers, and formed partnerships with publishers. With a son and daughter in Saint Paul public schools, I’ve seen first-hand how master teachers can create engaging, individualized learning experiences. I’m thrilled to be part of a team that’s developing standards-based games which actually support their efforts and expand the possibilities for collaborative learning.


Katrina Schleisman, Ph.D.

Learning Scientist

I am Andamio Games’ lead Instructional Designer. I completed my Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience in 2014 with a minor in education sciences from the University of Minnesota. As a neuroscience postdoctoral fellow, I developed content for iNeuron and led a multi-year study of its effectiveness in the classroom. My goal is to bring psychological and neuroscientific research about how people learn into the design of all our games. I want our games to engage students with complex topics in a way that rewards persistent effort with mastery and enjoyment.


Martin Michalowski, Ph.D.

Technology Lead

I guide Andamio's technology development driven by how we can better engage students and improve learning outcomes. Inspired by a lifelong interest in computer hardware, computer science, and artificial intelligence that was honed at the University of Minnesota as an undergraduate and the University of Southern California as a doctoral student, I am particularly interested in designing and developing mobile applications that have real world benefits. Previously I co-founded a company that bridges the information gap between consumers and premium health care providers, and I am currently the CTO and co-founder of a successful startup, Campusbooks4less, a comparison shopping portal for books. I am fascinated watching my baby daughter as she grows and learns, and I strive to develop products at Andamio Games that she will one day use to learn difficult science subjects with her friends.


Hazel Shackleton

Software Development Lead

I have been honing my computer programming and modeling skills for over 20 years; first at Sprint, then Honeywell, and since 2005 at Adventium Labs. I enjoy integrating technology with new domains and solving difficult problems, which led me to develop FORGE, a tool for rapid prototyping of educational apps. I have a young son at home and am a youth leader for thirteen teenagers. Watching how quickly they absorb new concepts when they are presented correctly has given me great insight into the design of learning games like iNeuron and Cell Energy.


August Schwerdfeger, Ph.D.


My role at Andamio Games is to develop the “guts” of our learning apps: I create the simulators that underlie individual and group challenges, and engineer the tools that translate curricula into interactive lessons. My background is in the theory of parsing and automated translation of programming languages, for which I received a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Minnesota in 2010. I serve as a mentor in a science education program for aspiring inventors at The Bakken Museum, in which much emphasis is placed on experimentation and hands-on learning.


Nelson Soken, Ph.D.

Design and Usability Expert

I am a design and usability expert for Andamio Games. I have spent over 20 years working at Honeywell and Medtronic working on improving UX on complex systems in various domains. A passion of mine is educating organizations on the psychology of innovation and how a deep understanding of human thinking and behavior plays a major role in innovation. I have co-authored a book on innovation, and also have conducted workshops for many Fortune 500 companies, as well as the Mayo Clinic and UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. Working with Andamio Games allows me to go back to my roots in research and child psychology. I am very excited at the possibility of using technology to transform science education.