Nelson Soken, PhD: Links to Patents, Publications, & Research

Patent: EP 1073943: “Hand-held computer apparatus with three button interface and methods regarding same”
Patent: US 8,229,559: “Evaluation of Implantable medical device data”
Patent: EP 0904620 B1: “Real-time pricing control system and methods”

Publications most relevant to the current application:

1. Soken NH, Pick AD, "Intermodal perception of happy and angry expressive behaviors by seven-month-old infants." Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota, Child Development, Volume 63(4):787-95, 1992

2. Soken, NH, Pick, AD, "Perception of Dynamic Affective Expressions: Do Infants Distinguish Specific Expression?" Child Development, Volume 70: Issue 6, Page: 1275-1282, 1999

3. Nelson, KS, Penner, RP, Soken, NH, "SARA: A Multi-Agent System for Collaborative Command and Control." Proceedings of 31st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 1998

4. Gross, D, Soken, NH, Rosengren, KS, Pillow, BH, Melendez, P, & Pick, AD, “Children's understanding of action lines and the static representation of locomotion." Child Development, Volume 62, p. 1124-1141, 1991

Additional Selected Publications:

1. Soken, NH, Barnes, B.K., "What kills innovation: Your role as a leader in supporting an innovative culture." Industrial and Commercial Training, Volume 46, Issue 1, Page: 7-15, 2013.

2. Soken, NH, Wengert, W, “Lead the Pack: Sparking Innovation That Drives Customers Wild." Mill City Press, Inc., ISBN-13: 978-1934937457, 2008

3. Penner, RP, Nelson, KS, Soken, NH, "Facilitating Human Interactions in Mixed Initiative Systems." Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC), 1997

Research Support:
NIMH SBIR Phase I & II, Award #R43MH096674 (2011): iNeuron: A contemporary platform for neuroscience education)

NSF SBIR Phase I, Award #1548823 (2015): Collaborative game approach to support classroom instruction of difficult-to-teach science concepts