How to Play iNeuron

Single Learner

Students can play iNeuron by themselves: it is self-paced and builds mastery through embedded formative assessments. Prior to group play, students should be assigned and complete some of the preparatory individual challenges first. For example, before attempting “Control Biceps” as a group, students will find it useful to complete “The Basics” and “Inhibition and Graphing” on their own.


Group Play

Students can collaborate to solve challenges in small groups. One student starts a game and others join, up to a maximum number. The number of students per game depends upon the number of pieces in a game: 2-4 players is a common number and some challenges support as many as 6. Multiple group challenges can be going on at the same time. Group play reinforces the concepts by encouraging students to use the terms they have just learned and help each other work through the challenge. If multiple groups are playing at once, a fun, competitive atmosphere can arise when students hear the progress the other groups are making.