Purpose-built for Teachers

iNeuron was designed specifically as an instructional tool for classroom teachers. It enables them to deploy research-proven, best-in-class pedagogical strategies of STEM education—namely scaffolded lessons, inquiry-based learning, formative assessment, distributed practice, and peer-to-peer learning.

By delivering game challenges in the relevant context of the human nervous system, iNeuron helps teachers meaningfully engage their students in neuroscience, which leads to subject matter mastery, and better retention of difficult concepts.

Below you will find instructions for getting started and tips for classroom use. If you have developed a lesson plan that includes iNeuron, we would be pleased to include it in our list of resources.

Teacher Resources

Challenge summaries & solutions, student FAQs, and Further Questions for Inquiry.

The nuts and bolts of using iNeuron in the classroom.

A list of concepts covered by each challenge, and sample learning targets.

A list of national standards supported by the challenges in iNeuron.

iNeuron: Getting Started

The Pedagogy Behind iNeuron