iNeuron® is an iOS app, available as a free download on the App Store, that teaches neuroscience concepts through a series of scaffolded lessons and learn-by-doing games. After mastering a base set of concepts through individual problem solving, players can join with friends and form small groups to solve collaborative challenges.

iNeuron is:


Our inquiry-based, learning-by-doing approach fosters discovery and lasting proficiency.


iNeuron makes genuinely collaborative learning possible.


iNeuron starts with fundamentals, using embedded formative assessments to reinforce learning and build mastery.

Easy to implement.

Your student starts playing and learning quickly—little instructional overhead.


Built around MN state standards for teaching neuroscience.


As a student in one of our early trials put it, “Woo Hoo!”  iNeuron works because it’s fun to play: students learn through exploration, problem-solving, group play, and challenge levels.

Scaffolded lesson plans start with foundational concepts and build to more advanced ones, reinforcing concepts with immediate feedback and rewards.


Circuit-building challenges test and reinforce the concepts that were just taught. Here, a student builds a circuit that uses several kinds of cells to contract a muscle.