Andamio Dashboard

The Andamio Dashboard is the result of extensive feedback from teachers and trainers. It provides a real-time view of each learner's progress, it records their level of achievement, and cues teachers on where to better focus classroom instruction. 

What it’s for

Teachers wanted to be able to integrate our learning games more deeply into their instruction and assessment. That’s why we developed the Andamio Dashboard.

All Andamio games are free for students to download, but they have additional content and challenges that can be unlocked by a teacher using the Andamio Dashboard. The Dashboard enables teachers to tailor content for their class, alerts them to students’ difficulties with content as they play, lets students ask for help when they need it, and produces robust performance reports for assessment. 

How to use the Dashboard

The Andamio Dashboard is for teachers who are using Andamio games for in-class instruction. 

  • First, make sure all your students have an Andamio game (like CellEnergyTM or iNeuron®) installed on their devices.
  • Once your students have the game installed, install the Dashboard app on your own device.
  • Your students’ games will automatically connect with the Dashboard by Bluetooth, or when they share the same wireless router. No internet connection is required.
  • Once you’re connected, all the content and challenges in each student’s game will be unlocked, and it will stay unlocked forever.
  • As a teacher, you can use the Dashboard to monitor your students’ progress through the content, answer questions, and generate reports.

Development of the Andamio Dashboard was funded in part by grants from the National Institute on Mental Health (NIMH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to improve K-12 science education.