Andamio Welcomes Erin Lease for Graduate Research Fellowship

Erin Lease, a PhD student in Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota, will be joining Andamio Games this summer as part of a Graduate Research Fellowship sponsored by the University.

Erin is interested in exploring ways to use technology to build cost-effective, scalable solutions for closing opportunity gaps in education and health. She has experience implementing and evaluating effective programs in schools and implementing innovative strategies to improve school readiness and achievement.

Erin has seen the power of how games can engage students in learning and is interested in building collaborations between educators and developers to build games that are both educational and engaging.  Throughout the course of her experience in intervention and research, Erin has seen firsthand the way that technology can transform a classroom: “It’s hard to deny that there is something special about the way that games motivate student learning. I believe that, as educators, we have to be better at integrating technology into effective programs and practices in order to engage students.”

In addition to learning about the creative process at Andamio Games, Erin will be exploring strategies in analyzing game analytics and outcomes, commercializing educational technology, and exploring aspects of engaging game design. Stay tuned for products of Erin’s research.