CellEnergy™ Photosynthesis Labs Now available on the App Store!

Life sciences teachers told us what they wanted, and we listened.

CellEnergy™ helps engage high school biology students in the hard-to-learn subjects of photosynthesis and cell respiration.

Virtual Labs and Lab Reports create a student-centered, learn-by-doing environment that fosters discovery and enables them to build real mastery of NGSS science practices.

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At Andamio, we build mobile games that make hard subjects easier to learn. 

  • Patented technology provides engaging learning experiences to individuals, groups, and classes.

  • Mobile app development framework enables curriculum designers to easily create and adapt content within mobile apps.

  • Intuitive dashboard enables instructor control, monitoring, and engagement of an entire class.

Powered by forge

Andamio’s FORGE™ development platform enables non-programmers to create, deploy, and maintain collaborative, interactive digital apps with embedded challenges and game-like assessments. Published apps integrate with the Andamio Dashboard, which enables educators to track student progress, focus instruction on problem areas as they emerge, communicate individually with students, collect data and record completion.

Our team is especially skilled at adapting existing, presentation-driven material into a collaborative, engaging mobile app. Contact us to discuss transforming your curriculum.


Projects Deployed with the forge platform: