Andamio Games™, a division of Adventium Labs, is dedicated to creating collaborative, mobile device games that comply with educational standards. Andamio is the Spanish word for scaffold, which is the educational concept that underlies our games. Scaffolded lesson plans start with foundational concepts and build to more advanced ones, reinforcing concepts as users work their way through the material. The games developed by Andamio Games go well beyond e-Books, flash cards, and single-player apps to provide an engaging, hands-on, problem-solving learning environment using mobile technology.

We are currently working on producing a version of iNeuron for the iTunes store in time for the 2013-14 school year. This effort is funded by the generous support of the 139 backers that made our Kickstarter campaign a success.

Please explore our web page, send us your ideas and comments and sign up for updates.